Leaving behind social media.

 Hey all,

 By the end of this year (2023) I will be leaving all social media, with the exception of YouTube. Its an addicting time waster. And frankly if that wasn't enough, Meta has bungled its platforms so badly that I can barely see any posts from my friends. You've probably noticed that your feed also is primarily paid content, comics/memes ripped off from their artists, groups, and everything but their friends posts. As a musician its no longer a viable way to keep people up to date with my performances, releases, etc. So unless you know me personally and keep in touch via text/call/email, you'll have to find my works here, my youtube channel, and at https://www.nickelcitybsides.com My email mikechmielmusic@gmail.com is always there for you to inquire about booking. Thank you all for your understanding. I hope this actually improves my relationships with those around me. 

 Side note: I am near completion of all the physical copies of Among The Rust. Details on a release event to come soon!