You can also find the CD at Hi-Fi hits in Williamsville, NY. 


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 Good Neighbors Vol. 1 is a collaboration between local Buffalo musicians. Learn more about this project here.

Good Neighbors Volume 2 was a bit different from the last project. We took songwriters from our monthly meetup, paired them up, and tasked the teams with writing a song. This album was a herculean effort. It was even documented in a film. Thank you to Music Is Art for finding the money and resources to bring this all together.

 Good Neighbors Volume 3 focused on growing our producer skills. Each songwriter wrote and produced for someone else. I produced Digital Addiction for Ryan Kaminski. Tom Maynor produced Riding Back To Devon for me. 

A Couple Of Fucking Assholes/A Pair Of Unpleasant Gentlemen

Michael Chmiel and Joe Gibson's folk punk duo.





A hard rock power-trio.



Coronavirus Death Cult

Heavy metal project. Political lyrics.