Thoughts E.P. Release and February Recap

What a hell of a time the release show was!

  The Thoughts Extended Play release show at Gypsy Parlor left me humbled. Seeing a full audience in front of me blew me away. Rocking out for y'all, sharing my own songs, and post gig swing dancing was a true privilege. Thank you. I really appreciate Joe Gibson (A Couple Of Fucking Assholes), Erika A., Brittany SedorMatt Hochadel, and Ryan Edmonson for all performing with me.

Post Release Show

  After writing, recording, and constant practicing I was completely exhausted. I needed to take a break from the Buffalo music scene. I decided to lay low the rest of February. A busy-body like me can only stay away for so long. While on a weekend getaway to Ottawa, Canada with my girlfriend I stopped down to Irene's Pub for the Saturday open mic. They had a wonderful audience for the lunchtime show. I'll have to reconnect with the music scene in that city.