Alternative music

 Earlier this year I mentioned that Theica was going to move along without me. After playing for 5 years it felt like it was time to move on. I no longer lived near the rest of the band, my work schedule had become cumbersome, and the financial cost of driving several times as week became a burden. Taking a step back, so the band could continue, seemed like the right move. Well my friends tried and found that it was weird to have someone take my place. So they invited me back and we agreed to only get together for special events. One of those special events was the Music is Art Festival.

 For the second time in a row we had been accepted to perform at this Buffalo staple. It's the best way to talk to everyone in the Buffalo music scene, and do it in one day. Despite the bee that threatened my life from its perch on the E string tuning peg, I enjoyed revisiting the stage with my long time friends. Even after several months of hiatus, people still gathered around the stage. Drawn by the sound of the first chord when it rang out and cut through the air.

 At some point the itch will return and the band will choose another venue to rampage. In the mean time I've got time to find something local to spend time with. And for the first time since my move, I've picked up my bass and learned something new.

This is beginning of the next stage.